9mm German 16rd green case Nahpatronen P08s box

The German 16 round green case 9mm P08 subsonic load is only known with a single headstamp “aux St+ 33 42” which is the next to last lot of P08 cases made by Polte. It turns out that at least two lots of ammunition were produced by Polte, lot 1 of 1942 and lot 1 of 1943. Only one box label is documented for the 1942 lot, but there are at least three somewhat different box labels produced in 1943. I am trying to chase down the details of all of these labels.

I have talked to a few of you on this subject, and I know that some of these boxes have been sold in the US and Europe that I haven’t accounted for. If I haven’t contacted you and you have or have photos of one of these boxes, or think you know the location of one, please contact me or post the information on this thread.

I am not looking for information on the 50 round Nahpatronen boxes which contain the “X” headstamp Nahpatron loads.

All help is appreciated.