9mm German long range sniper rounds


To complete series of interesting sniping rounds I have pictures of, here is a selection of the 9x90, 9x85 and 9x77 rounds. The 9x90 is based on the .50 cal. case while the other two are unique.

The 9x90 has a moly coated case and the fired case was fired in gun with a fluted chamber. The loaded round is an AP loading with core inserted from the rear of the bullet. The same details apply to the 9x77’s. The 9x85 was the final iteration. There were very limited number of steel case 9x90’s made (I’ve heard 25) and each was individually numbered.

Here are the base images of the 9x77 (2 primer sizes), a 9x85 (all identical and without hs) and the 9x90 (the only round with a headstamp).

Here are 4 different projectiles. The one on the right is an AP loading with tungsten core inserted from the front. Note the ‘double diameter’ design.