9mm HOWITZER i.d. help

I.d. help who made these 9mm cartridges?
subsonic and ball cartridge

I don’t know who made the cases but they were marketed by Howitzer Products here in the UK back in the 1980s.

Howitzer supplied cases, powder, cast bullets etc to the handgun community before the ban.

I am sure Lew will have more information.


The cases were made by Starline for Howitzer in England. I doubt that the loads described are from Howitzer, as I have found no reason to believe they sold ammo, much less exotic loads.

Where did the information that the blue tip on the one indicates subsonic. I am just asking; I am not challenging that ID. I ask because if loaded in the US, it could be one of those silly incendiary loads that some of the smaller companies are loading.

To represent Howitzer, one needs only the NUPE cases. I think the exist in 9 mm, .45 Auto, .40 S&W, and .38 Special. Perhaps also in .357 Magnum. Those are the only cases so-headstamped I know about, and the .357 is a guess only.

John I have the info that it is a subsonic cartridge from the gentleman how sold them to me.

Harry, the information that I have about this company indicates that it was incorporated in 1994, but maybe it was operating since the 1980’s, as Tony mentioned above. Original boxes for these NUPE cases have their trademark (“Howitzer Products” above a drawing of a howitzer) above the phrase “The Bullet People”, which was filled on January 27, 1995 and granted on February 2, 1996. In his book, Lew noted that these cases were made by Starline beginning in 1996.

I also have an example of a 13.5 mm long .44 Mag case with this headstamp loaded as an primer for the 37 mm ARWEN case. It seems that these ended up being used for many different companies.

Gyrojet - o.k. Seller’s information is documentation, although it would be nice to have the manufacturer’s information, if they are not one and the same as the seller. I see from the initial question that you don’t have that information.

Gyrojet, I have the same cartridge, but no idea who loaded it. Been a long time since the Howitzer cases were around in quantity so it could be a pretty old load. My guess (and only that) is that it was loaded by a small loader in the UK for that market. I got mine recently, from a UK collector as I remember. Probably the same guy you got yours from.

Just for everyone’s information, there is also a headstamp “HOWITZER 9X19”. I have seen one of the cases so can confirm it exists. May have been an order to Starline from Howitzer for a special purpose and not for commercial sale. I wonder where they all went (except for the one I saw)???

Another of the MANY headstamps I know exist but do not have a sample of.


Lew I found mine at the last German show and yes from a UK dealer