9mm ID Ballistic Standard?

I was told the cartridge on the left was a pressure test ballistic standard ??? Does anyone know what this is.

I don’t know what this round would be. The only red-base, German steel-case
9 mm I have seen is one that a few collectors have. It has a Rust-Orange color base, is
loaded with the blackened m.E. bullet, and is headstamped “kam St+ 1 43.” It weights
about like an ordinary m.E. cartridge. Personally, I have always thought it (my round) was
likely a fake, although the base color intrigues me as it is an odd color tone and exactly
duplicates an absolutely genuine Ungarian proof load of caliber 9 x 25 mm Mauser, for the
Hungarian M.43 SMG (MP). My round was represented as an “MP 40 Laufbeschusspatrone.”
(MP 40 barrel-proof load).

I am not saying the round shown on this thread is a fake - I simply don’t know. Colored bases
are very easy to do though.

Perhaps a real 9 mm expert like Lew Curtis or Rolf Foerster could chime in here.

I think I have a couple of red base WWII German rounds but am away from home and can’t check. I have heard a couple of stories on what they are, but not Ballistic Standard.

Like John, I can’t tell you what they are? Perhaps Dutch or Rolf or someone else knows what the red base signifies.


I think the left round is a “Anschußpatrone”. ( Test fire cartridge )
I have two of these rounds with a red base in my collection. One is like the round John has described, the other is a steel case with a tombak plated m.E. bullet. Head stamp is : wa St+ 6 44. Interesting is a very wide red cms on both the bullet and the case.

The round on the right side is a blank, called “Platzpatrone 27”. A hollow paper bullet, filled with metal dust (magnetic).

Thank you for the great information.

Lew, I am not a 9mm collector.

But I can show you two diferend kinds of red.


Willem, That rust-red is identical to my red-base 9 mm round. More interesting to me,
is that this odd color is absolutely identical to that on steel-case Hungarian made proof
cartridges in caliber 9 x 25 mm Mauser.

I have never ever even seen one with the other shade of red - I call it “normal red” for lack
of a better description, since I don’t have a Methune color guide (wish I did, but too late
for me to spend that much money now - should have bought one 40 years ago).