9mm ID Please



This is an Egyptian round, made at Arsenal 27 (Shoubra) in 1970.

john Moss

Thank you.

I think it’s actually from 1975.

Jon - you are absolutely correct, of course. I always managed to see the zero-like figure as a “0”, forgetting that “zero” is represented by a dot in this numbering system. Then, I also forgot to look up and see if the date is in the Arabic calendar or the Julian calendar at time these were made. That would change it again.

No time to look it up now.

Thanks for the “catch.”


Actually Gregorian calendar…last users of the Julian calendar were
Tsarist Russia and (?) Abyssinia.
Doc AV


Another thing I always get confused is the calendars. Its great getting old! :-(

Thank you. I will try to remember that. Frankly, I just usually call it the “Western Calendar” because I have so much trouble remembering the name! If I have time today, I will try to research which Calendar Egypt was using at the time they made the 9 mm ammo in question.

John M.