9mm K box-similar to previous thread


I recently picked up the following empty box.

I was struck by the similarity with a box previously posted on the Forum. I think it was a 25ACP or 32 ACP box but I couldn’t find it, even with the Search function. It had a mix of headstamps in it.

My memory (always in question) is that the other box had the same generic label and also the same list of guns on the front, including the “u.s.w.”. The Made in Austria on the side may indicate it was made for the US market.

Can anyone find the other thread and link it in here because I suspect the two boxes are related.




Lew - I cannot find the thread and don’t recall it. I am not good at choosing the right word for a search on this Forum. Usually, no matter what I type in, I get about half of the threads of the entire Forum. Some of our gang are wizards at it though. I hope some of them look.

I have five boxes that I would say are similar to what you show. You will be happy to know that they are from three different countries - Augstria, Belgium and Germany. On a couple are identified by maker, and they are from the Deutsche Werk Actiengesellschaft (DWA). I was going to scan a picture of them, but for some reason, I cannot connect with my scanner. Once I figure it out, and can scan again, I will send the scan to my pardner in crime Joe, and he will post it for me.

Sorry I couldn’t do it in one post, but I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring your thread, so posted this much, anyway. The picture is better than my words, if I can get it going.

John Moss


“u.s.w” German abbreviation for “and similar weapons” ("?und simil…waffen?).

Also translated as “and similar things” (“waren”).

Seen quite a lot in 1920s and 30s Boxes and adverts etc.
(Just like “u.a” in Film title credits ( und anderen== and others ( ie, extras))

German has a lot of similar abbreviations ( just like “etcetera” or “etc” in English).

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


The abbreviation u.s.w. stands for “und so weiter” (and so forth). Jack


Top box: Marked Made in Belgium. `Cartridge is headstamped "A E P"
and has CN FMJ RN bullet and domed copper primer

Second Row:

Left Box: Marked Made in Germany - printed right on label, not a rubber stamp. Cartridge is headstamped * / SB / * / S and has CN FMJ RN bullet and a domed brass primer

Right Box: Marked on side label “Deutsche Werk Actiengesellschaft, Berlin.” No cartridge specimen, but it would be with “D W A *” headstamp and it might even actuall have the rebated rim of the 9 mm Nickl cartridge.

Third Row:

Left Box: Marked Made in Austria printed on label. CNCS bullet, case cannelure, no headstamp, flat brass primer cup.

Right Box: Marked “Deutsche Werk Actiengesellschaft, Berlin” on side label. “D W A *” headstamp, CN FMJ RN bullet, domed copper primer cup.

Collection of John Moss