9mm kam St+ 1943

Not a pistol cartridge collector but found this in a large quantity of loose cartridges. I think it is a proof round. headstamp; kam St+ 19 43 black coating on projectile, Dark coloring to case and and black primer annulus.
I tried doing a search on the site using the head stamp w/o success. Is my assumption of proof correct?

kam from:


Hasag Eisen u. Metallwerke G.m.b.H., Werk Skarzysko-Kamienna, Poland (formally Fabryka Amuniciji, Skarzysko, Kamienna)

This is a standard Ball cartridge, type m.E, with case made by Hasag Eisen- und Metallwerke G.m.b.H., Werk Skarzysko-Kamienna, in Poland. Who loaded the cartridge cannot be ascertained without a box label. It was cartridge case lot 19 of 1943, by this maker. The black bullet identifies it as type m.E (mit eisenkern/with iron core). Later in the war, with most of the lead-core ammunition in this caliber exhausted, the black coloration was dropped for type m.E. bullets, and they were standard GMCS in color.

John Moss

Thank you John and Sam. Does the St+ refer to the projectile or the case?

Sportclay - the St+ refers to the case, the “St” for “Stahl” (steel) and the “+” to show it was an improved form of the case, the later marking having been discussed in detail on the forum. I can never keep straight in my head precisely what it indicated, as until recently, there were several voiced opinions of what it meant.

Sam3 - sorry for duplicating your answer. We wrote them at the same time. Your answer was better for mentioning the former, Polish name for the Skarzysko plant. I forgot to do that. Thank you.

John Moss


Thank you !!

Sportclay, here is a picture of what they look like on the inside.
Two different types of iron core bullets, the one at the right has no outside black coating.
Note the small differense between st and st+ on wallthickness/wallshape and radius at the bottom inside the cartridge.



That is really interesting! Thanks for posting that.

I never see a 9mm german cut, it’s so so so interesting, thank you for the picture!!


It is a (9mmx19) Pistole patronen 08 mE (BAll, model 08 with Iron Core or mit Eisen Kern)