9mm Kurz ID

This being my first post, I hope the pic comes through. If so, you’ll see a headstamp of what I believe is a 9mm Kurz of WW2 vintage. The headstamp has a “D” at 12:00 and “1933” at 6:00. I sure would appreciate help in IDing this cartridge. I will try to add the sideview pic in a comment to this post. TIA.

Back story: My father, a weather officer in the Army Air Corps, brought a CZ-27 back from France along with a handful of 7.65mm cartridges with various headstamps. [I suspect that when weapons were initially captured, the ammunition was just mixed together in a bag.] He also had 5 of these 9mm Kurz rounds. Not really interested in firearms, I doubt he even noticed that they were of a different type, given that they have a similar length vis-a-vis the 7.65 cartridge.

And here’s the sideview

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Your cartridge is a Dutch .380 Auto or 9 mm kurz that was manufactured in 1933 by N. V. Nederl. Patronen-, Slaghoedjes en Metaalwarenfabriek, Dordrecht.



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Much appreciated.