9mm L18A1

Hi all
Wondering if someone can shine any light on these rounds. 9mm produced in Israel under contract for the UK. L18A1 is listed as being ball? but these are a plastic bullet which brings me onto the next question, what exactly are they, i’ve seen them written up as special forces hijack ammunition for use in aircraft

, training ammunition etc, be great if someone could provide any info on them

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These are pure fantasy pieces sold by worldwide Arms Ltd as ‘sky marshal’ rounds several years ago with a plastic ‘bullet’, even if that is what it is, stuffed into any fired 9x19mm case they could find…what is bloody annoying is that they are still being sold by third parties as such.
Yes you are correct, the L18A1 9x19mm is a Israel contract to the UK ball round.



Hi Tony
Many thanks for setting things straight, i had a feeling these weren’t correct, tell the truth, only reason i bought these were for the cases, didn’t have a IMI L18A1 in the collection.
thanks mate, appreciated