9mm Largo headstamp

I’m surprised at how poorly headstamped Spanish made 9mm Largo cartridges seem to be; I have quite a few in my collection that appear to have had damaged headstamp bunters, resulting more often than not in incomplete and illegible headstamps. This one would have given me trouble figuring out who made it if I didn’t have the box it came from. Here’s the box:

And here are a couple of the cartridges that came from the box, showing the headstamp:

Can anyone suggest what the character at 11 o’clock is supposed to be? It is a bit mutilated in the headstamp on the left, but appears to be a ‘B’ in the right headstamp. On some of the headstamps, it looks a little like an ‘R’, on others it appears to be a ‘6’, and on others, it is just an unrecognizable character. Also, the components of the headstamp don’t have the symmetry usually seen in headstamps. What might explain the odd spacing - is it possible one or more characters have been removed from the headstamp bunter?

Guy-I believe the character at 11:00 is a misshapened “P” for “Pirotecnia”. All the “P S” headstamped rounds in my collection of various calibers are hard to read also.

Dear sir:
This cartridges widely know as 9mm largo has been the most popular and important hangun number in Spain, for the firt three quarters of the century, in service as for private use.It is a very powerful handgun round which derives from 9mm Bergnann-Bayard and 9mm Campo.giro.A desingn from the 1910 It has been in service since then in the Spanish armed and police forces.for service use, it has replaced by 9mm Parabellum.The last lot was loaded at the Toledo factory in December 1981.the cartridge stha you have, has manufactured at Pirotecnica Militar de Sevilla ( P S ), but you can to meet many headstamps: FNT 46, P 22 , FNP 55, P 9L 58,…

It is the number “9”. A similar headstamp on 9x19 cartridges has “9P”.

I believe Jon is correct. Here is a similar headstamp in 7.9mm

It is a 9! I was too busy thinking the headstamp was more complicated than it actually was that I failed to even consider turning it so the S was in the 12 o’clock position, which would have made it obvious. Thanks Jon.

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