9mm "Legend" bulk ammo

On a recent order from Bud’s Gun Shop I picked up a pack of what they refer somewhat generically to as “Legend 9mm” 115gr FMJ. It turns out these have an odd generic headstamp as well, which I don’t recall seeing before. I assume this ammo was something to do with GBW (Gold Belt Wolf) in Florida since they have an entire line of “Legend” ammo in both FMJ and SCHP, although they usually use their “GBW” headstamp on 9mm. This headstamp is more covert for whatever reason. Also, Bud’s is a huge distributor for GBW, so it figures they would get this stuff. Maybe it is generic private-label-for-anybody stuff?

The primers look to be Fiocchi’s Zeta-Pi lead-free primers, and this is also an odd trait for U.S. domestic manufacture generic ammo like this, but GBW, and NPA (both in Florida) are known to get into these primers in 9mm. Another odd thing - these are brass-plated steel cases, like the stuff from Freedom Munitions a couple years ago. I pulled a bullet from one, and they are standard FMJ (not plated), and the jacket curls in a bit around the base of the bullet, but leaves the majority of the projectile base as exposed lead. This exposed central portion is concave a bit.



Matt, thank for sharing. The generic case was made by Meca in Turkey.



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Matt - this exact headstamp style, although with MM instead of mm, was used years ago by Centennial Arms (brass possibly made by AMRON). Interesting. MECA is coming on strong in the brass-supply end of cartridge-making!

John M.

John, funny you put it this way (brass-supply) but MECA seems to do lots of steel cases in recent times.

On thing I found amusing was how the website (Bud’s) described the ammo as being a great value for the money because it had features such as: “lead-free primers”, “swaged jacketed bullets”, or plated steel cases, etc… but the price is still 0.20 cents per rd. The 9mm retail market is super high-volume, and evolves rapidly, with a hedonistic online buying base that is loyal only to the dollar. These days it is very easy to find better ammo than these at lower prices when using something like Ammoseek, so Bud’s might have this stuff around for a while. Shooters who know, will usually avoid lead-free primers unless they have very specific indoor shooting requirements, and are going to use the ammo relatively soon, and not store it.

EOD - “Brass” in the sense I used it is a common shooter’s term here in the USA for empty cartridge cases, regardless of the material from which they are made. I should remember that I am on a forum for students of ammunition, and not use slang terms like that. Sorry for the confusion. I know that MECA is much more involved in the manufacture of steel cases than they are with ones made of brass. I have a number of MECA or other Turkish-made cases, and can’t recall if I even have one single brass one. I think I do, but no time right now to check.

John M.

John, no worries. Just to some foreigners like me it may not always appear to be 100% straight. Slang is basically something like another foreign language inside a foreign language.