9mm Long nazi ammo green box 1930's


John, thanks, greatly appreciated, confusion reduced!


I bought this from a fellow friend, who was selling it for an elderly friend, thus I don’t actually know who he got it from. That said, both were WW2 collectors, so throwing on a fake nazi looking acceptance marking seems logical to a thief. I always thought the stamp looked bogus, but didn’t know better.
Same with lugers, a perfectly nice but common luger will get a fake stamp and folks will get more money for it.


Not only a Reichsadler on this label, but an entire fake green label. And, under the green label was a fake blue label identifying the cartridge as a 9mm Bergmann!!!

This was not just a guy adding a Nazi eagle stamp but spending some serious effort on Fake labels.

Has anyone else run across this label???

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My only question is that in the end, whoever did this, even if he thought his silly label with lots of errors of construction was perfect, what did he gain? He ended up with the same basic German label, although obviously a fake to anyone with the tiniest knowledge of German, with only the added feature of the Reichsadler. I wouldn’t pay ten cents more for a box of 9 mm Browning Long having only that additional marking, even if I thought it was original, than I would for the box with German label and no Reichsadler. I can’t begin to understand what’s in the mind of someone doing something like that. Oh well, I am a cartridge collector, not a psychiatrist.



I can tell you that some people will pay for something with a German swastika, eagle, waffenampt, etc., marking, when they would not pay for the exact same thing without WWII German markings.
Perhaps that was the original reason- not to get more money, but just to sell more ammo, (or whatever has the bogus stamp on it)?
After all, if it is corrosive, many regular shooters will not buy it, but if it is “NAZI” marked, well then, that is another think altogether…



As ridiculous as it is, I would think that you are absolutely correct.


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