9mm Luger bullet ID

I need help identifying the bullets in the picture, I have an idea about some but I would like somebody with more knowledge to confirm and some I don’t have a clue.
The 3rd one from the left the bullet is red not pink as it shows in the picture.
Thank You Carolyn

FN, cast lead bullet, recessed FN, machineed groove .070 from SB-T 91 9 - P, flat brass primer, red primer sealant
mouth, nickel plated bullet
FN, cast lead bullet, recessed FN, machineed groove .070 from SB-T 91 9 - P, flat brass primer, red primer sealant
mouth, brass plated bullet
Red plastic nose inserted into nickel plated sleeve protruding .115 IMI 9mm - LUGER, flat brass primer
from the case mouth
FMJFN, truncated cone, copper jacket, blue coating over entire bullet HP * 9mm *, flat nickel primer, red primer sealant
FMJFN, truncated cone, copper jacket, blue coating over top 1/4 HP-NT 9mm LUGER, flat nickel primer, red primer sealant
FMJFNHP, dark blue plastic coated jacket : S&W : 9MM, flat nickel primer, small h/s, green primer sealant
FMJFNHP, dark blue plastic coated jacket F C 9MM LUGER, flat brass primer, red primer sealant
FMJFN, copper jacket, truncated cone, green dye on bullet tip R - P 9 M M LUGER, flat nickel primer, knurled case cannelure, red primer sealant
FMJRNHP, nickel jacket, 6 notches on bullet getting deeper closer R - P 9 M M LUGER, flat nickel primer, knurled case cannelure
to case mouth and going past case mouth down into case
AP, heavy taper, copper washed steel, very rough machine turning W-W 9mm LUGER, flat nickel primer, U.S. Munition
HP, .210 opening at top tapering down, black coating on bullet F C 9 MM LUGER, flat nickel primer, all purple base
PTD, black steel bullet, possibly AP, heavy knurl on major bullet dia. : S & W : 9MM, flat nickel primer, all green base
PTD, steel bullet inside a brass sleeve, could be AP NATIONAL 9mm, flat nickel primer
FMJHP, copper jacket, LIGHT blue ball in nose WIN 9mm LUGER, flat nickel primer, red primer sealant, POWER BALL
FMJHP, copper jacket, DARK blue ball in nose, 8 notches in jacket WIN 9mm LUGER, flat nickel primer, red primer sealant, POWER BALL

The first two on the left are Spanish “MABLAN” experimentals.

From right to left it looks like:

Glaser Safety-slug Silver (or Pow’R’Ball - hard to tell)
Glaser Safety-slug Blue
National Cartridge “Black Steel” AP (steel penetrator in brass cup)
American Ballistics AP (solid steel)
American Ballistics CV2 or “Grand Slam” (SCHP with black coating)
U.S. Arms & Munitions copper-washed steel penetrator (Van-Nuys, CA, early 80’s?)
Looks like a moly-coated Genco style bullet, or maybe one of Federal’s scored jackets?
Not sure (subsonic bullet, or aftermarket green tracer?)
Federal "Nyclad"
Federal “Nyclad"
Ares colored bullet?
Incendiary load? - aftermarket
"Sentry” - South African
Other two on the left - what Jon said

With regards to the 2 ‘Nyclad’ blue-bullet cartridges…my doc centavos.

The longer rounder HP is a later production under the Federal line, the other shorter one (which I’ve never seen in person; shows what I know!) looks like an earlier offering under the original S&W Nyclad brand.

The TC blue-tip loads…I’m reading ‘HP’ as part of the case stamp (Hirtenberger Patronen?) ; bullet profile is similar to some of the Hirtenberger practice 9mm cartridges I’ve seen (95-115gr bullets).

DK, the deeply scored bullet near the middle looks like an HST projectile from Federal, but none are silver-colored and none in RP brass. The Aguila IQ looks kinda similar but has 3 flutes/scores.

Carolyn, I believe I’ve corresponded with you before on 9mm? Please PM me and I’ll be happy to take a look at anything you’ve got.

I agree with MWinter. The blue tip is a HP frangiblesI believe. I have seen the blue tip bullet, and have a similar load with a purple tip. I have not seen the all blue bullet, but it is similar to the typical Austrian Police shape. It is hard to tell from the pnoto, but the bullet seems to lack the gloss of the ARES loads and the tip has corners that appear too sharp for the coated lead ARES bullets. DK could be right on this but I’d like to see a larger picture of this one if possible Carolyn.

The R-P case with the jacked grooves from tip to casemouth is probably a Genco as DK said. I have an identical looking load, with the same headstamp, that I know is Genco, except mine has a GM jacket. I have never seen a Genco load with a Nickeled jacket.

The green tip truncated cone round may be one of Jim Haaks loads. I have loads with very similar bullets with tips colored white, yellow, red and orange that I think were made by Jim.

Has anyone seen a box for the US Arms and Muntions loads??? I have heard the identification of these but never seen any documentation-boxes, adverts, whatever. If you have any documentation, please post it.

Carolyn—thanks for posting these.



That is right about the blue-tip truncated rd being a frangible, and not an aftermarket incendiary load like I had originally thought. I should have known since I just acquired one of the blue-tip frangibles in St Louis this year, and it matches what I have.

Good rare stuff there, thanks Carolyn

I hope these show what you want

Those Spanish Mablan police bullets were patented in 1989 by José María Marrón Blanco and are named by collectors as “3rd model” (9.9 gramos, silver color) and “4th model” (9.95 grams, golden color).

One has to wonder how much (if anything) the Libra Snail design borrowed from this very similar Spanish bullet. More or less the same except for Snail bullets being brass with a penetrator core in the hollow center.

Carolyn, The all blue truncated bullet is definately not an ARES product. The Ares bullets are coated with the color before they are loaded. The round you picture has the blue down on the case at the casemouth so it was colored after loading. I’m pretty sure it is another of the HP frangibles. It appears to be longer than the blue tip round. What is the overall length of both the blue tip truncated and the all blue frangible.



The all Blue round is 1.078
The Blue tip round is 1.072

Carolyn, My purple tip frangible is the same length as your blue tip. No idea on the blue bullet, except I’m confident is is an original HP load.