9mm Luger cartridge ID

Hi guys,

I have the 9x19 round shown in the photos below.

The case is brass (?) plated steel. The bullet is stab crimped.

Does anyone know the manufacturer, and if 12 is not the year of production, the period of production of this round?

Thank you

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This one was made by LVE / SIBFIRE (Novosibirsk, factory #188), Russia.

Is it brass plated or is it yellow-clear laquer?

Thank you for the identification! Now that you mention it it looks like yellow clear lacquer. But it is very evenly applied and it gives the appearance of brass

Yes, I thought so. Just that LVE is not making laquered cases and the laquer here is nothing we saw before (well at least I did not). So it could well be that the case was laquered by somebody else.
Also the cases I saw coming directly from LVE were all unplated resp. had no metal based plating (nor clad nor galvanized).

Where did your sample come from?

New to me! I have never seen this item before. Many thanks for posting it.

I hope you found a handful of these so some of the rest of us have a chance for a specimen.


Thank you for all the interesting information. This sample came from a Russian collector

Thank you! I only have this inert specimen


LVE 9x19mm



Information posted on the Patronen.SU page (Google translation):

Description: Pistol cartridge 9x19 (Luger)

Marking: β€œ12 9mm Luger”.

Producer: Russia, LVE Novosibirsk cartridge plant.

Bullet: Shell FMJ (7.48g). Tompak shell.

Sleeve: Steel brass.

Capsule: Berdan.

Note: Three-point bullet mount.

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