9mm Luger case IDs


The following 9mm luger cases came from the same bag of odd cases I mentioned in the 9mm Browning long thread. The first is a brass case stamped “S-41 9mm”, the secong is A brass case stamped “* 1 51 -” there is also a character which is a small circle with an arrow coming off one side. The third is a brass-plated stell case with a 4 segment headstamp with a crown at 12 O’Clock, then “42” with each number either side of the primer, and “M” at 6 O’Clock. Am I right in thinking that the third case is Danish?


#1 is Finnish, Sako I think.
#2 is Czech.
#3 is Danish.


Thanks, I take it the Czech one is S&B, and the Danish one is Harens with that funny A/E thing.


Shouldn’t be #3 be Swedish?
If brass plated steel case it is an experimental case which was used for blanks later on.


I looked at the headstamp guide, No. 3 is Swedish. The Finnish one has been fired recently, as it has the distinctive firing pin strike of a Glock.


Falcon - your 9mm case with the mark of a circle with an arrow sticking out of it was made by the firm of Pov


Thanks. I have already checked the Swedish 9mm with a magnet, and it sticks. I thougt was steel because it had rust on the inside.


These Swedish steel-cased rounds are interesting. The one with the crown could, perhaps, be called experimental as EOD says, although they show up pretty often for a true experimental cartridge (NO, they are NOT common, however). Steel-cased ammo did reach substitute-standard level though. The later “M” headstamped rounds have an “E” at the top rather than a crown. I have the 50-round box for these rounds, and it is labeled “9 mm skarpa patroner m/39 E” which I believe is in the plural since it refers to the contents (50 cartridges). There is an admonition on the bottom of the label which says "F


Sorry on the Danish/Swedish goof. It was pre-coffee and I saw the word Danish in the post above and…