9mm Luger color tips

I just got these 9mm Lugers and don’t have any idea what the tip colors signify, does anyone have any ideas. The headstamps are as follows.
Thank You Carolyn
#1 - 98 flat brass primer, dark blue tip
#2-IMI 9mm LUGER, lavender tip
#3- TZZ 9MM 86, dark brown tip
#4-TZZ 9MM 01, yellow tip
#5- TZZ 9MM 00, yellow tip
#6- TZZ 9MM 99, yellow tip

I think these have been posted in the recent past. I believe they are different weights of Israeli ball ammo, some for testing and others for police use.

Here’s one post:

I asked a question about some other colored tips but not these, red, black, blue and silver were the other ones

Thank You for the link that answers the question