9mm Luger dummy with no extractor rim


Is this a factory goof, or something else?
It will not fit in a 9mm Luger check die as the rim area wont go.


Some years ago, these were common as fleas. I forget who
had them, but seems to me they came out of Texas.

Don’t know what there use was, but there were way to many of
them, all identical, to be manufacturing glitches. Perhaps box-
makers’ dummies? Yes, those do exist, but don’t know about the
Israeli 9 mms. Mine is dated 7-71.

John Moss


Interesting. Thanks John.


I have these with four different dates in 1971 & 72. They were reported to be “Loading Machine test and calibration dummies”. I doubt they were for actual cartridge loading machine calibration since the ones I have seen on loading machines in Switzerland and the US for that use are turned steel. I suspect these are for the box loading machines where the groove has no significance.



Lew, thanks for the input.