9mm Luger dummy


Does anyone know off hand who the manufacture is? All brass with hole thru it. Fits perfectly in a check die. 186 grain total weight like a 115 bulleted load would weigh.


Hi Joe,

It’s a Convert-A-Pell subcaliber (primer + .177 pellet).




Fede is, as usual, correct. We used to sell these kits
in our store years ago. The kits were made by:

P. O. Box 1557
Woodbridge, California 95258

The kits consisted of an insert barrel, also made
of brass, using four rubber O-rings to hold it in
place - two at the front of the barrel and two at the
rear. Different barrel lengths were offered, dependent
on the caliber and the original barrel length of you firearm.
The kits were “firearm make and model specific.” They were
offered in 55 variations, depending on caliber, barrel length,
and type or make of the guns themselves. Also available
were extra cartridge packs, a handgun tool kit, a rifle tool
kit, a combo tool/lube/cleaning kit and various cleaning kits.
They also sold an O-ring lubricant.

This information was current as of March 26, 2015. I don’t
know if they are still in business or not.

The had a web site: info@convert-a-pell.com

I have not verified the current existence of that web site.

John Moss


I just checked their website, and it is still up, with the identical
information as from 2015, except with a note at the top of the
text indicating that due to their suppliers, the automatic pistol and
revolver kits are not currently available. That would account for
the vast majority of their products.

John Moss


Here is a chronology of the companies that offered Convert-a-Pell subcalibers between 1985 and 2018. This is based on ads and directories, not official company information.

Jett & Smith, Inc., Litchfield, IL, 1985-1987
Jett & Co., Inc., Litchfield, IL, 1987-1989
Loch Leven Industries, Santa Rosa, CA, 1990-2003
Loch Leven Industries, Woodbridge, CA, 2004-2005
Convert-a-Pell, Woodbridge, CA, 2008-2018


Fede & John, thank you.