9mm Luger headstamp ID's

These rounds have all probably been identified before on this forum,
or to me as an individual. However, being computer-stupid, I have no
luck with the search engine on this website, so will show my ignorance
and ask once again for an ID. Need the country, company name, and
possibly the meaning of the headstamp company ID if not obvious from
the company name.

No special order:

GP 9mm Luger (think this one was identified as being from Pobjeda, but the
initials are backward for that, so just verifying
TSC 9x19 (looks like it was made at Sellier & Bellot)
9mm LUGER (only marking, at the 6 o’clock position of the head)
9MM LUGER (same comment as above)
9 x 19 mm (same comment as above)

Thanks for any help. Am sorting thru the stuff I got from SLICS, and without
knowing at least the country, it is hard to check to make sure I need them in
6,000 9 mm rounds. I confuse easily these days.

John Moss

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John, I think some images would help a lot.

The “TSC” is the “Top Shot Competition” product line of “Frankonia Handels GmbH & Co.KG” of Rottendorf, Germany . Cartridges indeed are made by S&B.
Known calibers by S&B for TSC are: 5.6x16R, 9x19 and 9x33R

The “GP” are made by “ZVS” in Slovakia.
Headstamp on 9x19 was made for “Grand Power s.r.o.” of Slovenská Ľupča, Slovakia.

The “STV” is also made by “ZVS” for “STV Group A.S.” of Prague, Czech Republic.

The 9MM LUGER headstamp with nothing at 12-o’clock should be this case from Infinity Ammo. When I asked them about it, they told me that they ordered them with an infinity symbol (sideways 8) at 12-o’clock, but when the proof cases came in before mass-production, the symbol was a weak blur of a mess, and so they just went with the 9MM LUGER at 6-o’clock and received a reduced price or something. I asked if they had any of the original cases with blurry infinity symbol left over at all and they said no.

On the 9x19 headstamp with nothing at 12-o’clock, that was Truelove & Maclean apparently, and I encountered it on some ammo being sold by USAC sales (still offered here: http://www.usacsales.com/ammunition/usac-9mm-lead-free-80gr-b-500rds ) which is a jacketed lead-free projectile by Fedarm, and we talked about it here:
Odd 9x19mm headstamp

MJIB 15 might probably be from the Ministry of Justice Information Bureau in Taiwan

Thank you my friends. Great information. So, what I was originally
told about The GP headstamp was wrong. I always worried about that
ID, as I couldn’t see them putting the initial of the City before that of
the Company, rather than after it.

That leaves just the “GR” headstamp, which I was told was made by
Fiocchi for some Police Agency, but don’t remember the details, and
therefore can’t recall if I thought that was likely or not. Also, the "9 x 19 mm
LUGER (no other entry) with the lower-case mm, and bunter-tech nothing like
the one attributed to Infinity Ammo.

Thanks for help in getting my head out of the fog!!!

John Moss


STV = STV Group Czech Republic Prag


ZVS = ZVS Guns Slovakia Dubnica nad Vahom


PG = Pobjeda Gorazde Bosnia & Herzegovina

MJIP = Contract for the “Ministry of Justice and Investigation Bureau”, Taiwan, made byPretoria Metal Pressings Ltd., Pretoria, South Africa.