9mm Luger Headstamp

I recently was given a few boxes of unfired 9mm Luger ammo with the headstamp shown below. Is this a common ammunition or rare? I know is is Arab and made in Egypt.

afte.org/forum/smf1/index.ph … =920;image


Your image of the headstamp is not coming through. Please check to see if there was a problem on your end.

I’m not sure that the AFTE database is compatible with our Forum. I suggest you use PhotoBucket.

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I found your problem. You had added “[IMG]” tags to your “HTTP” string. That does not work. I edited it so it is now a clickable link.

Ron Merchant–ADMIN.

This ammo is pretty common. It came into the US in very large quantities some years back. It is really shooting ammo today, although some collectors may still be looking for the boxes.




Thanks for fixing my post. I wasn’t exactly sure how to do an image.

Is this ammo corrosive then? I have 3 and a half boxes of 50, if anyone is interested. If not I may just keep it in the closet. I’m scared it may not feed well in my Kel-Tec PF9.

Thanks again!

Expect it to be corrosive primed, dirty and maybe even have a few misfires.

It’s not collectable, and many shooters avoid this ammo…


I had several thousand rounds of this stuff and after having every type of malfunction possible( best was when a bullet would come loose and dump a little powder and the next shot would set it off) gave up shooting it and pulled the bullets for reloading.Dirtest stuff I ever saw.