9mm Luger I.D


I have 2 luger cartridges that I’m trying to find the country of origin. One is headstamped S 7 44 and the other is S 1 49 both have nickel primers and copper jacket bullets.
Thank You Carolyn


Both have been identified as clandestine Israeli production. I’m sure someone can date them by their components.


Jon, They appear to be from the 1960s. There are a few more from this series including red tip tracers.



Any idea who they were for? Export or Israeli use?


No idea. Most are cleaned like a lot of reprocessed Israeli ammo. Perhaps you know where this stuff came from.



All that cleaned ammo came out of an Israeli military surplus dealer with a yard outside of Jerusalem, leading down towards the Dead Sea. Not sure if it’s still operating, but they had everything from small-arms ammo to tank and half-track parts.


JON, It is probably battlefield pickups or similar junk from the 60s wars. Probably made for export but issued to Israeli troops when the need arose.