9mm Luger MPP?

For some time I have a 9mmx19 cartridge (+sectioned one ) about which I cannot find any information on the internet.
At the time of purchase, I was told that this cartridge was an “MPP” tested in the USA.
Can someone give me information about this cartridge. Like where is “MPP” an abbreviation of and in what period has it been tested and for what purpose was this cartridge developed? (Sky / Air-Marchall?)

Thanks in advance.
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Wouldn’t that ball go through an airplane hull if it were a “sky marshal”?

sksvlad it looks a very light bullet, so it depends on the angle if the bullet has power enough for penetration a hard surface. The sharp form of the hollow point however….?

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MPP = Multi Purpose Penetrator?

Vlad, as per the design I can not see much penetrating here. I’d say it is a 90% expanding design.

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The 9 mm Luger cartridge shown appears to be the MAP (Maximum Auto Pistol) loading.
The bullet is similar to that of the .380 MPP (Maximum Pocket Pistol), and may have been renamed since at the time these were made in the mid-1980s, there were few 9x19 mm pistols that one would call a pocket pistol. Today, of course, they are legion in number.

In all the literature I have on this line of ammunition, the “MPP” designation is only applied to the .380 Auto Cartridge. My catalog-sheet file for this company is far from complete, so as I say, it is not impossible that when the 9 mm was first introduced in this loading, that is was referred to as the “MPP.” I simply don’t know, so must go with the information at hand.

This ammunition was the product of Personal Protection Systems Ltd., not out of business but originally at 101 Pittston Avenue, Scranton, P 18505. The principal figure in the business was one Aron Lipman.

From their literature: "The MAP is loaded with a pressure designed light weight pure copper projectile - hollow point with a pure nylon cap which is hollow inside to accept PPS’s expansion system, whereby, the projectile upon impace expands up to .70 caliber, yet still has excellant tactical penetration.

"At near maximum SAAMI pressure, the 67 grain MAP projectile produces a muzzle velocity, depending on barrel length, in excess of 1700 FPS, up to 1850 FPS. IN addition, the nylong cap guarantees 100% feed reliability in all quality 9 mm semi-automatic pistols.

“Because of the light weight projectile the MAP is not recommended for gas operated semi-automatic pistols.” (HK P7???).

The above information from a single sheet advertisement dated December 29, 1986.

I will withhold my personal opinion of the veracity of the claims made for this cartridge, and others in the same line of ammunition.

Edited for punctuation correction only.

John Moss

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John thanks for the extensive information.
It is also possible to place a photo of the relevant page of the brochure on the site. (or to be sent by p.m. r308@live.nl )

Here the Leaflet, where it is called MAP . In the pic, from my cuts, the steel ball in front is missing…It is somewhere in the drawer an I was to lazy to dig it out…or couldt not find it? I have them with many different hs (From Midway, and from GFL)

and the ammo:

MAP-PPS in Midway case

Have fun

Peter posted it while I was scanning mine. His is slightly different in font size from mine, but the same content. This is common in PPS Catalog/advertising sheets. I have several examples of “different-font” sheets for the same item and date in my PPS file.

Thank you Peter. Good pictures, too.

John Moss

Peter and John thank you very much for the additional information and copy of the manufacturer’s information.

Have a nice day, Richard

I always found the written warning interesting that the ammo might not function in gas operated pistols. I suppose they were referring to the HK P7 or the Steyr GB then for that era?