9mm Luger/Para Early pre-runner of the EMB


Here one of the first experiments from Mag.Winter for the development of the EMB-Bullet (in fact, a metal screw -screwed in from the back- into a copper bullet-body)

Just as a note:
I will never publish factory internal data about comparison tests a.s.o…sorry, they are as Company secrets not open source


@ Forensic


Thank you for the interesting pictures.

Not saying that you have to publish company “secrets”, but quite surprised that this load have so few test done (and not professional) and none published, none on the internet… were others load like Hydra-Shocks, HSTs, Golden Sabers, etc. and even Ruag Action have plenty of them easily available and in a (semi-)professional way, but no one for EMB…

I know that this ammo was introduced to the US market in 2009-10, but was a complete fiasco, and is now discontinued…

Is this EMB load really worth compared to all the others proved and over-tested hollow-points, copper solid designs, or is it yet another gimmick ammo?