9MM Luger Part 4

This is the last one I promise. It is made out of one piece of black plastic, there is a O-Ring in the groove and a small hole in the head it has no h/s

I’m sure someone will confirm, or not, but I think that’s a breech plug for pistols being taken underwater. Possibly USN-issue for S&W pistols.

I believe this chamber plug has been covered here before. I have a photo of both the black and a white plastic chamber plug identified as the Mk 22 MOD 0 plugs for the 9mm suppressed Hush Puppy pistol system.

There is also a brown prototype one and a black aluminum (I think) one with a RN bullet ogive. All USN SEAL Team issue I’m told.


A military manual on the Hush Puppy system identifies these chamber plugs only as that - “chamber plugs.” The entie accessory kit is what is designated “9 mm Pistol Accessory Kit MK 26 MOD 0.”

The accessory kit contained the following:

24 rounds of 9 mm Pistol Cartridge Mk 144 Model 0
One suppressor insert
One pre-formed packing (O-Ring) MS 29513-24
One back cap plug assuembly
Six muzzle plugs
Four chamber plugs
One barrel cap

The suppressor is designated “9 mm Pistol Noise Suppressor Mk 3 Model 0.” The improved version of the pistol, which uses the Smith and Wesson Model 39 for its base, is “Mk 22.”