9mm Luger Polizeitrainingspatrone PTP 2.0 MEN (Police Training round)


Here the “development” of the Police-trainingrounds.
First Model was a solid monolithic copper bullet…but it was capable of penetrating Police bullet proof vests…
Here a pic:

and the box here:

Than follows lets say second Modell with a small cavity in the solid bullet construction,
pic here:

and after that the approved (*) Version PTP 2.0, mainly with a larger cavitiy inside and an outside marking ring on the bullet to be distinguished from the old Modell, which was also in use…
Pic here:

and here a pic to Show the identification ring on bullet:

(*) = approved by TR 2009 Police Technical Directive (Zertifiziert nach Technischer Richtlinie (TR) 2009
(kein Schutzwestendurchschlag)

Lot number removed from box and headstamp by author…