9mm Luger República Dominicana

Like to show this box , headstamp: R D 9 55
is this something special

Back in the 1960s this came into the US in very large quantities. Only seen occasionally now. Not particularly unusual. Not seen very often in Europe!

I don’t know when the Dominican Republic quite making there own ammunition. This is the only Dominican made 9mmP that I have seen. Today, the Dominican Republic imports their ammunition, or at least the cases. They imported ammunition headstamped RDJF from S&B in 2012 or 2013. About the same time they also acquired ammunition headstamped RDSA, REJB and reportedly RDOT. I do not have the last three, nor have I actually seen examples.

Between 1955 and 2012, I have no idea what kind of 9mmP the Dominicans used. I hope someone has some information here.

Quite a bit of Dominican made .50 Browning also came into the US some time ago. I probably still have a few rounds buried out in the storeroom.



Nice box, thanks for posting. I’ve never seen one until now.


I purchased this box on the last Dutch show

1955 .30 Carbine from there, come with and without serifs.

30 M1 R D 55 (narrow hs w/serifs)
30 M1 R D 55 (wide hs w/o serifs)

   And the dates run 1954 & 1955 and 1958-1962. (That I know of.)

1959 may or may not have the R D.
1960-1962, do not have the R D.
This is .30 Carbine only.

What 9mm dates are known?

The 9mm come in a large letter style dated 1955 and in a small letter style dated both 1955 and 1956. In one of the boxes I have was a rimless/groove-less manufacturing error dated 1956. These rounds had a reputation of not being very well made with a number of manufacturing errors.

Gyrojet’s box has the small 1955 headstamp.