9mm Luger Stamp how common?

How common is this stamp,and what time period? before the first war??
I know 480c stands for 9mm parabellum I know there is an 480K round
but that one is an NKS

Withdrawn, my error.

This is a common DWM commercial headstamp. Since the letters are plain, without serifs, I would guess it dates from the late 1920s or during the 1930s.

John Moss

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Thank you John for the info

What about serif letter’s dates?I’m trying to solve my DWM 7.63 Mauser’s date

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Sheng, Unfortunately, I do not have at hand any note I might have had about when DWM switched from Serif letters to plain letters for the purpose of headstamping cartridges. My impression is that it was in the mid to late 1920s.

I don’t see any way to precisely date a DWM cartridge simply by that feature, other than, perhaps, the possible spread of time. The original headstamp for ammunition made by what became DWM was, in most cases, * D.M. * K. I have a 9 x 19 mm Parabellum round with that headstamp, and it is known to date from 1902. I think it is almost certain, as well, that all calibers did not necessarily receive the change to K DWM K ### at the same time. I think you would need a box label to tell anything closer than the entire spread of time that one or another style of letters was used, and on then could you tell if the box has a date code that has been successfully deciphered.

I am sure someone like Lew Curtis, Peelen or Fede, could be a lot more precise. I am in the long, long ongoing process of rearranging my library, and frankly, it has been a mess for months now. It involves transferring hundreds of files from one drawer to another in my library (due to addition of more filing cabinets, as the others were full), and at age 80, I have to be in the mood for that chore, especially when it comes to the bottom drawers of the cabinets. I am not as limber in bending over as I once was.

I apologize that these days, I have to speak in generalities, finding it hard to research some specific points.

John M.


I agree John M, which I always do when he is right!!! The DWM headstamps are very difficult to date since the box code used by DWM is still a mystery. A best guess is DM * K * was used until 1902 or 1903. The DWM K 480C K or DWM K 403K were shown in their 1904 catalog. Based on box styles, the rounds with serifs were used at least in 1919 and the very early 1920s. The rounds without serif letters were used in the 1930s and into WWII, but could have been in use in the mid-1920s or even slightly earlier, in my opinion.

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Lew - “I agree with John M which I always do when he is right!!!” Yogi Berra, the man who said “It ain’t over until its over.” would be proud of you. :-) :-) :-)

Am I ever wrong? :-( Well, not more than 50% of the time, anyway.



That’s ok!thanks!I have no chance to find its original box ever. So approximate time is ok