9mm Luger tracer & subsonic

137 grain bullet. I was told not to divulge any more information.

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Appears to be a plated projectile and the same manufacture as the tracers. Supposed from California, the projectiles anyways. I am sworn to secrecy on the rest.

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Some prototype ammo.
The first one with silver on red is the first batch green tracer.
The second type with red on green is some prototype red tracer that goes with this repurposed box. This was the only box ever made. I was saved two rounds. Brass was all “F C 9mm LUGER” headstamped.
Third round was CBC factory defect, as the NPE never received its primer. It is the standard production green tracer with all green bullet.

UNAC is the only retailer for this ammunition at this time.

Edit. Don’t know how to upload Video. If you want video firing green thru an UZI, send me an email.


Looks like they are using the same style boxes for these new powder-coated tracer loads as they did for the Piney Mountain 9mm stuff which they previously had. I figured that those were a case of them receiving the ammo in bulk and then using these labeled repack boxes for retail sale. Probably same deal with these loads? Powder coating is getting ever more popular these days.

I think SBR, and these are the only production-level 9mm tracers going on in the U.S., aside from the not super-functional G2 glow-tracers. These Happy Valley loads are priced 40% lower than the advertised retail price of the SBR’s, so they certainly have that going for them.

Not the only civilian procurable production at this moment in time… there is a long time forum member here that does make the best of the best (NAM). Not small volume either. Also, SBR’s tracer quality is questionable at best. believe me, I know. Just talk to folks that attend the MG shoots across the country.

The copper plating on these cast lead bullets is paper thin and the powder coat is marginal at best as you can see from my pictures. That is another reason for the price. But the tracers work better that what SBR sells, at least from what I have witnessed.

I know about Jim at N.A.M., but I wasnt aware of any direct store front or retail portal where his ammo can be purchased with ease in the way SBR or this new stuff at UNAC can be. That’s sort of the same situation as Eric Dennis in Prescott Valley as far as making a lot of tracers & incendiaries, but selling only via shows & auctions as far as I know. My experience with SBR is only with their 9mm, .45acp, and .40S&W, and only out to 100 yds or so which has always seemed alright to me, as far as tracers go which is usually not quite as consistent as typical ball rds anyway.

His web site seems to be down. I know where he moved he is having to use some poor quality satellite email service or something. It used to be he had links to Hi-Tech ammo and one other outfit on his page where you could buy his products. I just get what I want when I visit him. I just buy heads and he helps me with load data., but that is just what I am privileged to do. I am sure if you call, you can get what you wish, depending where you reside, as he follows the law to a T.

But you are correct in a way, since the web page is down, the simple way for the general public to purchase in quantity thru his linked vendors is no more.

Newest box from Happy Valley Tracer (UNAC).


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