9mm Luger

I have a Swiss aluminum case exp. 9mm Luger with the M 8 T 43 headstamp, nickel jacket steel core. The case is anodized blue, does the blue signify something special about the cartridge and is this anodized version scarce?
Thank You Carolyn

the blue aluminium case is for a “beschuss” swiss cartridge (proof testing)
i have the same in 7.65 para

Carolyn, please wait for Lew.
There are only a few lots made. There are fakes on the market.


Does anyone know if Lew will be back online soon?

Hello Carolyn, I’m not the great Lew but maybe I can help you. Those 9 mm proof cartridges with aluminium supplied by Menziken are known with just a few dates, including M 8 T 43. Maybe you can post some pictures to compare it with an original round.

Carolyn, Sorry for the delay! Kathleen and I, along with our son and granddaughter (age 8) have been in northern Utah skiing since Friday. We have had about 15-20 inches of new snow since we got here (Powder Mountain Ski Area). This is our granddaughters first ski trip and I haven’t been checking the forum (very slow connection here on top of the mountain).

To your question. As Fede and Dutch and the others have indicated, you have a Swiss proof load from the WWII era when the Swiss military produced aluminum cases. Only three dates are known (one in 1942 and two in 1943). A 4th 1943 date is known on a strange round which is clearly a pressure test round with a blue case, a hole in the side to align with the pressure test device (back then a copper crush cylinder) mounted into the side of the chamber, and a line scribed on the case to ensure the case hole aligned with the pressure test device.

Some of these rounds have been faked – usually the fakes have the wrong date on them. The only absoultly confirmed date (that I know of) is the 8 43 (August 1943) one you have. The confirmation is two or three known boxes-I have one in my collection. If someone has a box or a box photo of one of the other dated cases, please post it.

Some fakes may have been created from correctly dated ball loads, but as far as I know the case color of the fakes is never exactly correct. If anyone has a questionable round, post a picture and I will be glad to compare it to a legit load and give you my opinion.

Here is a picture of the case and head I apologize for the quality but this is a new printer and my husband isn’t use to it yet. The blue on the actual cartridge seems brighter then how it appears in the pictures.
Thank You Carolyn