9mm Makarov 539 nnO headstamp


Does anyone know what the significance of the Cyrillic nnO is on this Tula headstamp. I believe in Cyrillic nnO is ppO in English.(sorry photo bucket is having some difficluties…will get picture on when I can). Headstamp reads 539 nn0 05 in a 3 part marking.


Cartridgecorner, this is a 8x18 Makarov hs.
It is actually the hs for the police cartridge which has a conical projectile and a lead core.

The first lot was made in 2004 and had no “PPO” in the hs. From 2005 on the “PPO” is applied regularly.


As a side note, this PPO headstamp has been found recently, with “10” date, in commercial boxes of Tulammo. The headstamp letters are smaller than the earlier known dates.

PPO (in Cyrillic letters similar to “nno”) stands for “Patron Pravookhranitelnykh Organov” (transliterated into the Latin Alphabet) or “Cartridge for Law Enforcement Agencies.” Latin Alphabet spelling of words originally in the Cyrillic Alphabet, by the way, can vary dramatically depending on the native language of the person doing the transliteration, or even his interpretation of the sounds the letters represent, so other sources may show a different spelling. The spelling used here was provided to me from Russia.

These cartridges are loaded with the semi-truncated bullet of the heavy-load PMM (Modernized Makarov Pistol) cartridge, but have the normal 9 x 18 mm load (pressures and velocity) for use in all Makarov pistols, not just the PMM version. Dates recorded have been from 2004 without the PPO marking and from 2005 until 2009 with it. The 2010 round has the same headstamp, but in smaller letters, as mentioned above. They are not commonly found in American collections.


Some pictures:


I can also add that 07 and 08 dates also exist.


Thanks for the info. This helps immensely!!!


539 04 - The first year of production PPO cartridges. As you can see the shape of the bullet is a little different.
539 ППО 09 - Two different coating steel cases. Early lacquer and new polymer coating (like all Tula commercial products).


The 2010 production of this round has the Polymer case finish as well, and says the same thing, but has much
smaller headstamp letters than the previous years.