9mm Makarov box overstamp "N


I have just acquired an empty 9 x 18mm Makarov (Vz 82) box from Povazske Strojarne, in Slovakia. Overstamped on the top and bottom, in black print done, probably, with a rubber stamp, are the words "N






Thanks guys! Especially helpful since I find I have such a round in my collection. At first the date threw me. My round is headstamped “aym 95.” Then, it dawned on me that the condition described probably happened as the cartridge aged, and therefore, while the box has a stick-on label on one end marked “24 03” (probably a 2003 lot-number label), instead of being printed right on the box, that would make sense for an older headstamp, since these rounds are, in essence, reloads. Great information. Thanks again.