9mm Mauser (Austrian)

Looking through my junk box again and found this 9mm Mauser. This is not really my thing. I thinks it’s Czech. Is it?


Not Czech but Ostmark-Gross Deutschland (post Anschluss Austria), ex- Hirtenberg Patronenfabrik, now GustloffWerke.
Eagle-swastika stamp adopted VIII-1938 …P635 1939, etc.
For some M34 Steyr SMG, and possible use by SS, and also Hungary ( 9mm Kiraly SMG).

Doc AV

Austria after WW1 used the Austrian eagle on ammunition manufactured for the armed forces. After the occupation by Germany, at first this eagle was replaced by the Nazi eagle, mostly because Gustloff was a conglomerate owned by the Nazi party. Simson of Suhl and Hirtenberger, both confiscated from their Jewish owners, were part of Gustloff.

Thanks for the replies. I guess the Eagle should have been my first clue it wasn’t Czech. Like I said not really in my area of interest but always willing to learn.


(Changed the heading to reflect the proper country of origin.)