9mm Mauser pistol cartridge - buyer beware


A foreign collector asked me to bid on the 9mm Mauser cartridge listed here on Gunbroker:


It was listed as collectible ammo, with a starting bid of $4, about twice what one of these cartridges should sell for. I went ahead and placed the bid, and sent an e-mail to the seller to determine what the headstamp was for the foreign collector. The sellers response was that the headstamp was WINCHESTER 9MM MAG - certainly not a 9mm Mauser headstamp that I am familiar with. I sent another e-mail expressing my concern that he might have made an error in listing it, to which he responded “this is a custom made 9mm mauser using a parent case of the 9mm win mag”. That, of course, explained the high cost, considering that it was custom made. It is interesting to note that his lengthy description was ‘9mm mauser’, and he included a blurry side view photo of the cartridge. He did suggest that in the future, I ask a lot of questions before bidding, certainly sage advice when dealing with this character. I should have been forewarned by his choice of a seller name on Gunbroker. He agreed to stop the auction, for which I get to pay him $1, and then he turned around and immediately relisted the cartridge with the same short description as before, with no information about the cartridge having been made from a 9mm magnum case.

I would suggest that anyone considering bidding on one of this individual’s auctions be very careful; you’ll certainly want to pepper him with plenty of questions before making a bid. He does have low postage, however - $3 on this cartridge, which suggests he is using the US Postal Service for shipping live ammo.


A dead-giveaway that the cartridge shown is not the 9mm Mauser is the fact that the bullet uses what looks suspiciously like a modern Remington Golden Saber Brass Jacketed Hollow Point (BJHP) with that bullet’s very distinctly unique jacket skives.


I had assumed initially that the curved light area on the bullet was possibly a reflection, but closer scrutiny does reveal that it is a cut in the jacket, as well as a flat nose on the bullet, which the Golden Saber would have in profile. The poor quality of the picture didn’t help with the details.




And speaking of Gunbroker and Auctionarms, there’s just so much garbage listed as collectible ammo with starting prices well above the value of the item that it makes the task of trudging though it all hardly worth the effort. Some of the folks listing items need to be required to include the word crap in their descriptions to make the search function useful for collectors like me who are not focused on just one caliber or maker. These used to be great sites for finding good cartridges, but so many people list thousands of items at inflated prices, making it a pain for everyone. Its interesting to note that most of the se listings don’t get a single bid. I’m sure part of the problem is the programs that allow you to list many items quickly and with little effort. You can bet that if they had to go through the process of listing items individually, most of these folks would give up and do something else to annoy some sector of the population other than the cartridge collectors.

I’m glad I got that off my chest


Guy, you certainly hit the nail squarely on the head. Crap would be a good way to save us all a lot of time and aggravation. Bill




Guy: You ARE SO RIGHT, but what I have found valuable is their SEARCH ENGINE, I keep track of the people who offer good stuff at reasonable starting prices and those are the only ones I check any more. As repeated so much of it is crap or the starting price is so far out of line the person selling has no clue to the value. VIC


when bidding at a auction ask more questions before you up an bid or call me (ray) (guy) etc you can find my ph # or e mail address in the iaa book i am a member also no buyer beware in the items i sell its just so many men out there that bids then act like kids bid then complain about what they have just done !!!




Why would it be so difficult to just include the headstamp in your description or the fact that the cartridge didn’t start out as what it is listed as. Would you sell ammunition that you know is reloaded without including that information in the description? Why make a potential bidder have to pry this information out of you.


guy most of the auctions have side an bottom pics of the item but some times they are so many its hard to be perfect or list every thing about an item