9mm Mk 2z 35 round box

Empty 35 round box. I would like to know what headstamp was once in it.
Have been told possibly either B^E or H^N. Also that in mid-1943 or so they began stamping the boxes with the date and company info. However the picture attached of the bottom of the tray. It dates 1957. Does the tray not go with the sleeve? Also told that the possible headstamp could have been “K 57”.

The tray seems to match the box. Correct number of “pockets” - 35.

John Moss

Hi Joe, I have seen this box -same box style and label- with cartridges made by ROF Radway Green in 1957 (RG 57 2Z 9MM headstamp).



I have not previously looked at the bottom of the trays, or if I have, I didn’t pay attention to the markings. I have an identical box with RG 57 9 2Z ammo and it has the identical marking I went through some other boxes and found both 50rd, 48rd and 35 rd tray boxes with stamps on the bottom of the tray. Examples below:

16 48rd empty (2 boxes),JB Arms Co

16 48rd empty (2 boxes),JB Arms Co

16 48rd empty box with a 10 round label overstamped 48, Same but with 20 rd label

No. 24 50rd box, stamped RG.20.3.59 on front
MK. 2

No. 24 35rd box, RG 56 & 57 ctgs, box stamped TH 20-2-57
MK. 2

No. 24 35rd TH box, empty
MK. 2

Unmarked 50rd RG. 25. 9. 58 stamped on front, stamped RG.6-2-59A

Hope this is useful to someone!


That’s what I wanted to know.
Thanks everyone.

I was in a rush when I wrote my last post.It looks like these stamps were used on trays from 1943 to 1957. I suspect impressed stamp identified the maker of the box. the “J.D.L.” and the “T” were the manufacturer of the tray (probably both contractors) and of course the date.The number at the top is likely the identification of the box style.

Has anyone else seen other dates or other variations in these stamps???


Australia also used the 35 round box and green label in the 50s to 90s.
Doc AV

Both India and Pakistan, have also used similar boxes, but neither of them have had impressed information on their boxes as far as I know! Australia also used a 40 rd box and I have at least one Australian box with an impressed marking on the bottom.


J.D.L. - J. Dring Ltd., of Stamford Factory, Portsmouth, Hants. Telephone: Portsmouth 74448-49-50. Cables: “Carton, Portsmouth”

Taken over by Reed International in 1980.

Addition -
J.S.W. - Quite possibly - Johns, Son & Watts, 40 City Road, London, E.C.1. Manufacturers of plain and fancy boxes and packets and folding boxes.


Thanks Tim!


I can’t comment on the bottom of Aust. 9mm packets. Guess I should have added that to my photos, hindsight is wonderful.
Best I can offer is as follows
MF. up to around 1945, used a 40 round packet with the L1 label, which was a buff colour black printing and rubber stamped date.
Sometime around 1945 MF changed to a 30 round packet, no packet label designation but similar label.
Earliest Mk 2 packet I’ve seen is 1964, with the quantity now 35. Again a buff (more or less) label with black printing, with the exception of Proof rounds which had a red label.
My guess is that the 35 round packet came into existence with the production of the Mk 2 Ball.

MH. Only produced during the war years, the Mk 1 Ball, with 40 rounds, using the same packet and label format as MF, however the label was shown as SAAII type.

Hope this is of use.

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