9mm MK217 SMAW at NDIA 2018 by Jay Bell

When looking through the NDIA 2018 presentations I just found this presentation by Jay Bell and thought someone may be interested.
I have learned some new things there.

EOD - thanks for posting. Way out of my own field, but I found it interesting and informative. I was especially interested in the asymmetrical crimp of the priming cartridge. If I had seen one, I would assume it to be just an aberration, which shows how careful we must be in forming opinions based on visual inspection only. It is an interesting example of using primer actuation to operate a weapons system. Good stuff!

John M.

John, yes, I noticed that too. Maybe Jay can show us images of the crimp where this feature can be seen.

Hey Guys. Thanks for the plug!

So I’m surfing from my phone now, so dont have much pictures. Maybe Monday.

So many SMAW memories and stories.

Very interesting.
Since the last slide was “what would you change about this presentation” let me point out a couple of annoying typos:
slide 3- McDonald Douglas should be McDonnell Douglas
slide 15- secrete sauce should be secret sauce.

“Aide”, “aramaments”, “to contain propellant in controlled”…
JohnS, let’s send our complaints together in an e-mail.


Thanks guys. I am not a proof reader and once I write something its perfect in my head. I could read it 100 times and miss it.

My most famous blunder was in 95. I was communicating with Dave Henderson and Charlotte ? at Federal Ctg. We were manufacturing 375 H&H cases for them from second draw part they provided. I faxed over something meaning to say ‘warehouse’. The spell check auto corrected it to whorehouse. My boss Fred taped the fax to my door with red marker comments. We all had a good laugh.


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It was still plenty understandable ;-)
Have to ask - is the spotter-tracer round variation of the 9x51 still made (and used), or is it exclusively the tracer variant?

I have the spotter-tracer variant in my collection with a RG case.


Ole -

We just wrapped the base year on SMAW contract as a sub-contractor to Nammo Talley. All the years of production I am familiar with (memory here) around 84 to 86 as sub to MC-Doug, the 92-93 as sub to ATK (T for C from Army), 94 to 96 Army, 96 to 99 as sub to CMS defense, 99 to 03 for Navy then 07-08 for Talley and 17-18 for Nammo Talley we have mainly made the spotter. There might have been a dummy run and high pressure run.

We made many no trace rounds for internal testing. There we’re none that I know of of non-trace for delivery.

I hope this answers the questions.

Merry Christmas - Jay

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Thanks Jay. Certainly does. I had an impression the tracer-only variant was the one mostly used, and that the spotter-tracer was out of fashion somehow.

Merry Christmas!


Jay, dummy you say?
For use by the military or just for factory internal issues and gun makers?

Sorry, sorry, sorry to basically repost your prior thread! I simply did not recall it!!!


Not a problem plus look at the discussion you started. That’s good!


Brian, yes but it should have happened in your thread.

Guys -

Here are some pictures of older crimps, dies and the like. Some might be the same, however the angle is different to show different size and length crimps.

MAST%20Technology%20SMAW%20Hornet%20Crimp%20dies%20 !

MAST%20Technology%20SMAW%20Hornet%201 MAST%20Technology%20SMAW%20Hornet

I have more later…