9mm NATO L31A1

Just noticed the change in primer annulus colour for the British military 9mmx19 L31A1, which must’ve occurred some time between 2012 and 2017. Seems to have gone from a greenish turquoise to a reddish mauve.

Hi Pete,
I’ve noticed this as well, and some with no annulus colour, as it is contract to UK ammunition I wonder if it is to conform to the British purple colour code for ball ammunition or, I might be wrong on this one, CBC made in Germany and Brazil, that the green used on your 2012 example is typical of Germany?


Hi Tony, that’s a very interesting point about outsourcing it to different nations. I had remembered seeing something similar on 7.62 NATO with turquoise annuli as opposed to the normal violet colour, so I dug an example out, and I notice that the turquoise one appears to have some type of SCAMP dot code marking, which may tie in nicely with your theory around outsourcing production abroad on this Radway Green marked cartridge. Image shows an L42A3 violet PA compared to an L44A1 turquoise PA. I don’t think the lighting in my images are doing the colours justice, to the naked eye they appear more turquoise than the green appearance in the image, Pete.

Hi Pete,
I have come across the same green annulus on some 5.56mm L17A2 from RG, now a green annulus from Radway Green always used to indicate it was from a batch of daily proof rounds which as far as I know is unique to RG, there was some debate if RG was still doing this practice and it was just a case of they now used any annulus colour, mainly because they are no longer a Royal Ordnance Factory and can basically ‘do what they want now’, during this debate I presented the box that they came in which had two plastic RG stickers sealing it, which to my mind would indicate this box of ammunition was not ‘run of the mill’ and could mean that RG still did daily proof batches…but never heard anymore with the debate.

Concerning your 7.62 SCAMP rounds, I have also found SCAMP 7.62 L43A1 blanks, I am fairly sure that RG does not have SCAMP production facilites and that they were manufactured for them by someone else, I suspect the US, I’ve also noticed, on the blank, that the primer is slightly larger than the normal RG produced blanks.
I can upload photo of the items mentioned above later if required,the light is really bad here at the moment.


Very interesting info Tony, thank you very much. I’ve seen the RG stickers you referred to, and they do seem to be on occasional boxes in amongst unstickered boxes, so your argument makes perfect sense. I’ve also seen almost identical stickers, except with RO for Royal Ordnance instead of RG (on a box of 9mmx19 95 grain JSP if I remember rightly.) I’m abroad at the moment, but will put up an image on my return. Much appreciated, all the best, Pete.

Here are the RG and RO stickers as discussed, Pete.

Many thanks Pete,
they are a bit naughty using the RO sticker, and late dated boxes still being stamped RORG as RG hasn’t been a Royal Ordnace factory for a some time now.


Cheers Tony! I wonder could it be anything to do with the 9mmx19 95 grain JSP being for law enforcement use rather than military? In any event, RG also used the NATO ‘cross in circle’ StanAg symbol on a large amount of the 95 grain JSP cartridges even though they didn’t conform to StanAg 4090 for the 9mm NATO and were never intended for military use. This was about the same time they produced the 9mmx19 FMJ load in an attempt to get the UK MoD contract, so they were probably using up those cases that were originally intended for the military contract but weren’t required in the end.