9mm Nazi production in occupied Czechoslovakia

Let’s see if I am getting better at this. A laquered steel case 9x19 with headstamp reading “dou. St+ 11 44” is 1944 production from “Waffenwerke Brünn A.-G., Werk Povázská Bystrica, formally Czech National Arms and Ammunition Factory, Povázská Bystrica, Czechoslovakia under German occupation”

At that time, according to the original code lists "Liste der Fertigungskennzeichen für Waffen, Munition und Gerät, Berlin, 1944, Oberkommando des Heeres (Chef der Heeresrüstung und Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres), Heereswaffenamt WaZ2, the name you used, and location, are correct.

While it was likely they loaded the case, without the box, all we can actually know is who made the case itself. All headstamp information in the German system for small arms ammunition pertains only to the case manufacture.

John Moss

Thank you, JohnMoss! With the unknown “Ste+”, there was certainly room for error in my interpretation of the head stamp. I’ll get my macro focus camera and add a photo or two tomorrow. At first glance these are difficult to differentiate from tulammo😳

The “St+” (no “e” in that marking) just denotes an improved steel case. Before the improvement, which I am embarrassed to say I have forgotten at the moment, the marking was simply “St”.

By the way, most of the WWII codes do not have a period after them. The code “dou.” does, just as you typed it, to insure it is read correctly oriented. If not, it can be read as “nop.” There are a couple like that.

John Moss

Got it. Thank you!