9mm Nimrod "FA º 39"

It measures about 9.3x62mm. Did it start its life as .30-06 and converted to a hunting round? It is a live round.


How does it compare to a .35 Whelen? He made them with cases of that era.

What would be the main difference between them?


Yes, the case started out as a .30-06, manufactured by Frankford Arsenal in 1939. According to HWS Vol I Revised, page 115, “Cartridge headstamps of various years may be seen which have one or more dots added to the markings. This was an internal arsenal identification feature, usually denoting a slight change in manufacturing process or a special lot of brass. These dots may appear at different positions.”

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The 9.3 x 62 and the .35 Whelen are quite similar but the metric round uses a harder to find bullet than the Whelen. That is, .365 versus .358. It would be a problem for someone desiring to build a pretty cheap rifle for a classic African hunting cartridge. Jack

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