9mm P in recycled boxes


I picked up quite a few of these sealed boxes of 9mm P recently, all in recycled boxes. The new label was pasted over the old one. I had not seen any of these before. Was this also done with 7.92 x 57 boxes?


Yes, it was common practice to reuse boxes and you can find boxes with a new label pasted over an older label. I find them intriguing as you never know what you will find under the new labels. I’ve found some pretty good ones that way.


Guy, My guess is that these are empty boxes from various test facilities and perhaps test ranges that were boxed up and reused near the end of the war, at least that is what it looks like in 9mm. The overlabels seem to be limited to a couple of factories for late war production. The underlables seem to be earlier production, and in quite a few cases were proof boxes. Perhaps the boxes were originally saved for reclaiming the paper and then sent to the factories late in the war. I believe that in all cases I have seen the lower label is from a different factory from the tip label.




I steamed off the top labels from a couple of these recycled boxes that had already been opened, and found the underlabels to be not overly exciting. Or, perhaps I have missed something. Most of the boxes appear to have originally contained dnh (RWS) produced cartridges, as these two did.



I didn’t mean to imply that every label that is covered by a newer label on recycled boxes is going to be something special. I only meant that sometimes you can find something pretty interesting.

Here are two of the more interesting 7.9mm labels I have found, both were covered with IX 1. L. 35 labels on reused boxes. The P132 6. L. 29 is interesting to me because it is the earliest P132 label I have seen. The cases in the original box were the 3rd lot manufactured by P132 (P132 S* 1 28, P132 S* 1 29 & P132 S* 2 29).

The Platzpatronen 27 label is interesting to me because it was the first one I had seen (other than a photo or scan).