9mm PAR70 (austria) or swedish FFV Pansarskott m/68 (Miniman) Man-Portable, Shoulder-Fired AT-System

Here I show 100 roundbox of the austrain training-ammo for this system. Primer blackened (to identify the lower velocity of this round), red tip for Tracer—
The black color on the primer is very brittle, and sheers very light off, as you can see in the pic–
This ammo was for the TRAINER…
The real gun itself was disposable, means after firing it, it was thrown away…The capability which could be penetrated was 340mm of RHA…

See in headstamp also left Star with 5 points, and the right one, with 6 points…
Maybe the case was made elsewhere, and loaded anyway by HP (Hirtenberger)

Have fun

9mm HP PAR70 bs blackened primer-5 and 6 point star 9mm HP PAR70 seitl

Some information on the 5 point & 6 point asterisks used by HP in headstamps:

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Hi, ok

I still will try, to contact the former chief of the development at HP…He should knew more.
If i get an answer, i will post it here…