9mm Para headstamp-perhaps Iraqi-ACTUALLY BURMESE

I received the image below from an activity in Asia asking for help identifying the headstamp.

My initial reaction is that it was Iraqi based on the triangle which appears on almost all Iraqi made 9x19mm. The problem is the rest of the headstamp.

Unknown Headstamp:


The two characters at the bottom are probably intended to indicates the caliber “9 p” but the 9 appears to be upside down. It should be image. The other letter may be image which is “M” in Farsi and appears on Iranian headstamps as imageimage to indicate millimeter. I can’t find any Arabic letters like this.

The two characters on the left are also confusing to me. One of the characters, the first or lower one could Arabic image and is the first letter identifying the round as Iraqi on many cartridges made in Iraq (see Iraqi headstamp at bottom of this post. The truth is that neither of these two characters look Arabic at all to me. unless they are upside down, and even then they do not look correct

Finally, all the Iraqi 9x19mm headstamps I have documented have a date included on the headstamp, but there is no apparent date on this headstamp! Note the headstamp on the bottom is a typical Iraqi headstamp.

I know a number of you are far more competent in Arabic than I am, and your help and opinions would be appreciated.

My own suspicion is that the Unknown headstamp below may actually be from the Tribal Areas along the Afghanistan and Pakistan border that still make ammunition and some of it is copies of other countries products.

Any help appreciated!


Iraqi Headstamp

Lew the headstamp in question is Burmese or better “Myanmarian”.

Lew, super interesting cartridge! I can add that the manufacturer is Defense Industries, whose symbol is a triangle.

Alex, the correct demonym is “Myanmese”.



So, was it made in Iraq for Burma?

Jon, no, it was made in Burma by Defense Industries. No relation with Iraq, except for using a triangle.

Fede, thanks, I knew I screwed it up when I wrote it…

Thanks guys,

I only have two Burmese 9x19 and only one has the triangle, but I’d forgotten.

I will post some images tomorrow.


Here are my two Burmese/Myanmar headstamps compared to the unknown headstamp.I have taken a shot at the Burmese characters, but I am sure Fede or others could correct these and make sense of them.

Ba Ma Ka (Burma???)

56 ?


Triangle ( Myanmar Defense Industry)

72 9


Ga Ha 9 P
The character at the bottom is clearly a Burmese “9”. The letter behind it looks like a “P” in the western alphabet and there is no character even close in the Burmese alphabet as far as I can tell. I think it stands for Parabellum or perhaps Pistol.

Thanks for all the help!