9mm PARA / LUGER first alu. case

Hello all cartridge collector. This should be an easy question for you. When was the first 9mm made with aluminum case ?
My self I have a Swiss made with H/S 10 M T 43
Thank you.

Hi Alex,

According to Lew Curtis’ article on the IAA webpage about collecting 9mm Luger, the first 9mm aluminium cased ammunition was produced in 1941:

“Cases made from aluminum have offered another alternative to brass. The earliest production of aluminum case 9mm Parabellum occurred in Switzerland in 1941 (see Fig. 6), again in an attempt to conserve brass.”

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There is a D ? T 41 headstamp. I am traveling and don’t have the month for this headstamp.

The question here, originally, was what was the first aluminum-cased 9mm, but it appears to have centered onto only Swiss production. Does anyone know of any experiments before WWII? I cannot believe there were not any, especially since Germany started experimenting with aluminum cases in the 7.9 Mauser caliber in the 1890s.

I have heard of an Italian experiment in the 1930s, but have never seen a round and know of no one that has one. I tend to believe the “rumor” that they did, however, since an aluminum-cased 7.65 Browning from Leon Beaux & Cie in Italy is not even rare (scarce, but not rare), and there is a rare 9mm Corto (.380 Auto) made by Pirotecnico di Bologna in 1941 (headstamp: C.A. B-41). I have both the .7.65mm and the 9mm Corto in my own collection. These tend to lend credence to reports of aluminum-case experiments with the 9x19mm case-type (although perhaps in the 9mm Glisenti loading).

The complete headstamp on the Swiss round that Lew mentioned is “D 4 T 41” although I have never seen it. The one in my collection is “D 4 T 45”, and those with headstamps of M # T ## are known from February 1942 thru March 1945. It may be that the Swiss ones are the earliest aluminum-cased 9mm rounds for which we have specimens. I don’t have anything earlier in my own collection, all of my others being of post WWII manufacture.

If anyone has a specimen of aluminum-cased 9mm made before 1941, please report it to us.

Here is a nice swiss website.


May be the right guys to get more informations. The swiss designation