9mm Parabellum Hirtenberger Box with Overlabel


Here a “civilian” 25-round red paperbox, militarized for the Police with a green OVERLABEL, saying Lot 1 from 1966,
Standard 9mm Luger/Parabellum from that time with gm-plated 123grs FMJ Bullet
Just for Info, enjoy Peter


Cute Peter! Thanks.



Peter - I have that same label, Lot 1 of 1966, but it is on a box of
totally different construction than the commercial box. It is the only
label on that box. I also have the identical green label, except for
being Lot 1 of 1969, overlabeling the red commercial box, as with
yours. Finally, I have one on the same plain box as my 1966 label,
except it is buff color, abbreviates Pistolen Patronen to "Pist. Patr."
and is lot 1 of 1961. So, they used that same basic label for a
number of years.

My “66” box came to me empty. The 6l box has standard commercial
round * HP " 9mm with brass primer, red PA and GMCS FMJ RN Bullet.
The 69 box contain cartridges of the same description and headstamp,
except the caliber is expressed as “9 m/m.”

John Moss