9mm parabellum no headstamps

9mm parabellum of no the best condition. No visible headstamps. Existed something liek this or its a poor headstamp of FN?


There are nab unheadstamp 9 mm Para rounds from various sources. Some can be identified by comparison with known box specimens. Many will likely never be identified.

Considering the condition of this case, if it is as it appears, that is, without headstamp, and it is not just covered by corrosion, I think this one will fall in that latter category, unfortunately.

John Moss

A condition is no factor anymore (and when no historical connection of value is to be made) I would try to grind the head with fine sand paper and see if something comes to light.

Tried with 600/800 still nothing appears. Is there any manufacturer known which produced 9mm ammo without hs? Of course not after war producer.