9mm Parabellum SAKO Box with stamp TERTIA

Here pics from a finnish box, overstamped with TERTIA, which means usually 3.Quality.
The ammo in the box was loaded on 14.February 1936, and contains SAKO headstamped ammo, with the typically Geco Sinoxid primer and a CNCS-FMJ bullet…

BUT!! the whole headstamp looks more Geco, as by SAKO…
I think, it was either delivered as empty components to SAKO and loaded by them, or it cames in already loaded…but that is not conform with the Loading stamp on the back of the box.
i Show also a closer view of the headstamps, which for me are yelling: GECO



The rubber stamp TERTIA was maybe later added, as the salesdate was maybe many years after production date and reliablity was questionable…


Page 19, concerning the use by SAKO of imported cartridge cases in addition to cases made by SAKO, quote:

The headstamp shown by Peter, above, matches the headstamp attributed to Gustav Genschow in the book.

Even without the book on Finnish and Finnish-used ammunition, there was never any doubt in my mind that the cartridges in question had cases, most likely primed (at least), made by Gustav Geschow, Durlach, Germany. The same is true for early SAKO 7.65 mm Parabellum cartridges, which come with both Brass and Copper Sinoxid primers (“O” on primer), with the same basic headstamp, minus the dots, as the 9 mm shown above. The font is pure GECO/RWS (Geco, by the time these were made, were making most of the commercial pistol rounds for RWS, as part of Dynamit Nobel).

Nice box. I have the same box minus the word “Tertia” (although there is a top label rubber-stamped entry that while definitely not “Tertia,” is illegible. Mine came with cartridges stamped “S-41” but only a few of them. I now, from Forensics full box, believe my box has the wrong cartridge in it.

John Moss

Thx Brian and John,

found the book finally…and thanks to your hint the entry in the book…:-))