9mm Parabellum values


Does anyone know if there is a 9mm Parabellum listing of values or rarity by headstamp?


Spounds like a job for Lew Curtiss. I’d like a copy as well ! Those 25 cent headstamps keep getting dearer and dearer.


Not having a great deal of knowledge on the metrics, I’d like a little guidance when pricing these on my web page. You pretty well can figure you’ve priced a rare one way too low when Lew inquires to see if its still available.


When Lew calls you move the decimal points!


Guy, The short answer is that there isn’t such a list, and there is a lot of disagreement on what the prices ought to be. Like most other cartridges, the fairness of the price is in the eye of the buyer. I might pay you $10 for a cartridge that someone else might not give you 25 cents for because of something I know about the cartridge. If you had a box of 50 of these hypothetical cartridges, you could sell one to me for $10, maybe one to John Moss and Gary Muckel for $5, and perhaps 10 more for $1 and the rest would then be $25 cent cartridges.

There are so many 9mmPs out there, particularly the new ones, that I am constantly being suprised by new loads and new headstamps that I didn’t know anything about. The fact that I don’t have them doesn’t mean they are worth more than 50 cents or $1 each if they are out in quantity. On the other hand There are things that turn up that are truly rare, particularly if they are old but never seen before. There are some unusual German WW II steel case codes like eej and hrn that are $20-$30 cartridges.

No easy answers, but you can check my website. At gigconceptsinc.com/9mmP.html I have my want list posted. Some of the headstamps are relatively modern and common but I just haven’t run across them yet. Others are $100 - $200 cartridges and I have identified these.

Just tonight on my website I have posted the 9mm Para headstamp checklist that I published in 2002 gigconceptsinc.com/9mmP-Hst-Checklist-2002.html. Just today a friend put it on PDF so I could put it on the site. If it is an old headstamp and it isn’t on this list it is probably $20+. If it is pretty modern but isn’t on the list—probably not nearly as much. If it is on the list but marked “not in authors collection” then it is also a pretty good round.

This is the best I can do for you, except if you find something and wonder about it, drop me a letter and I will give you my best estimate. If I need it I’ll probably offer you more for it than you will get elsewhere. Good luck, Lew