9mm Parabellum


Anyone familiar with these headstamps?

Maybe Chinese?

Is this one from Yugoslavia? Or China?

Chinese and Cambodgian ctges

The top headstamp is Chinese. They were exported to various countries by Norinco.

The middle headstamp is Yugoslavian military. Again, they were sold off as surplus. Millions of rounds with various dates came into the United States. It was my first Yugo headstamp on a 9mm Para round, for my own collection, years ago. The code “11” when on Yugo ammo is a product of Prvi Partizan.

The final round is very rare. It is Cambodian. I wonder if this round came from me originally? I had a partial box of them years ago, and sent them to friends who collected this caliber. I have never heard of one of these rounds that didn’t initially come from me. Two rounds were brought back to the U.S. with the headstamp 9mmP 65, even though all of the ammo was made in 1969 at Stung Chral, In Cambodia. The factory was set up initially by Czechs, and you will note the 6-stab primer crimps are very Czechoslovakian. It took the Cambodians almost four years to get the factory into operation. The factory was very short-lived, being taken by the Khmer Rouge, and then, I have heard, was destroyed in fighting when the Camboidan Army took it back. We don’t think it was ever rebuilt, although I am not sure that anyone really knows.


How about the same headstamp at the 6 o’clock position and with no primer crimp??


Guy - it all depends on whether or not it really is the same. The headstamp “9m/m P” with a slash between the two “m’s” is, in my opinion, a product of Anciens


John, I don’t know if this round came from you. I just bought it, from a collector that sold of his collection, for two pesos. Believe it or not, I read the article on these and thought of it, because of the crimps, but I don’t have it for personal use, so couldn’t compare. Thanks for identifying it, glad to know I have one desirable headstamp!
Thanks for the other ID’s also!


I’m afraid to know what an Argentine Peso is worth. I think you did VERY well getting a Cambodian 9mm for that price.


Jon, yeap 60cent. Win some, loose thousands! That’s the thing of not living in the US…

How scarce are these? Only the ones that John got?


Fernando - to my knowledge, there are exactly two known specimens of the one with “65” date on the headstamp, mine and the one retained by the chap that brought them back from Cambodia, and while I don’t recall exactly how many I originally got with my box, it was less than twenty. When mine were found, the Australian that got them for me (he traded two boxes of Ozzie 9mm for it) was told they were very scarce in Cambodia, due to the small number of rounds originally produced before the destruction of the factory. When the U.S. Agent that brought back the two dated rounds interviewed the former commanding officer of Stung Chral, he was told that only one lot was produced, but that proved to be false. I believe my box is the only known Cambodian box in a collection, from the VN war era, of any caliber. Stung Chral also made .30-06 and 7.5 French. They are all rare!


Thanks again, John! This one is a keeper for sure.