9mm Parra Dummy?


Howdy Folks , this round has a tinned case, bullet and primer , the headstamp is F N 61 I know who the maker is and year it was made and i believe it may be a factory dummy, anyone confirm ,thanks Randy


Randy, I don’t know what tin is. But if the cartridge is coated in nickel, then it is a factory dummy. 13 of them came with the Gp35 pistols.


These cartridges are generally nickeled or chromed, hard to tell which, but not tinned. a plated case, primer cup and bullet are the norm for FN-produced dummy 9mm cartridges, and they are found with lots of dates and headstamp styles. Wish the FN GPs sold in America came with 13 dummy rounds - they come with none, and I don’t remember them ever coming with any. One our store bought from a chap who got his in Europe came with 3 such dummies, however.

Interestingly, a nickeled primer cup, at one time, meant an inert primer in FN 9mm ammo. I found a couple of slightly different 9mms with two different FN dates, 60 and 61 as I recall, in a dime box at a gun show years ago, and assumed they were live rounds, and boxer primed. I had them for several years before a wiser collector, I think Lew Curtis, told me they were inert primers and dummy cartridges. I took one apart and found that to be true. In the instance of those two rounds, while the bullets were CN, the cases were unplated, plain brass.


Thanks Gents Randy