9mm pinfire ID help

Hi all

I need help in order to identify some 9mm pinfire.

Unit#1: subefotos.com/ver/?f7c9953e329fa … 8b968o.jpg

Unit#2: subefotos.com/ver/?83d5da28ed435 … 37e42o.jpg

Unit#3: subefotos.com/ver/?457f17a0d0ea8 … 98e81o.jpg

Unit#4: subefotos.com/ver/?0f6a041a79fde … d35f9o.jpg

Thanks much in advance.

Hey Daniel:

I think number 1 is by SFM, that is the section I have mine in anyway,
I think number 2 may be by Marcel Gaupillat
I think the 4th one may be by Société Anonyme Des Cartoucheries Bruxelles (SCB)

Not positive on the third one, but could easily be any of the three mentioned. Some of these numbers all look soo similar, and without a full box of the exact cartridge it is hard to say for sure.

As always, really thank you Aaron for the help.