9mm Primer

There’s no question here, just something I observed while working with some 9mm cartridges earlier this week. I discovered that the primers used by Dominion in the cartridges they fabricated for the, I think CIA, were manufactured according to U.S. Patent No. 2,188,760 granted to Charles E. Richardson on 30 January 1949. Richardson had earlier been granted a patent for his primer in Canada. This patent is illustrated on pg. 11 of the July/August 2012 issue of the IAA Journal.

The Boxer, Noncorrosive Primers Made by DI during WW II, and Subsequently for use in Dominion Arsenals Canada for use in other Boxer Ammo in the 1950s, were already in use with Dominion CIL Commercial (Sporting) ammo Before WW II. The Long Turnaround time to get a Patent registered in one’s Own Country, no matter a Foreign country, such as the USA, would necessarily take a long time…especially during WW II and its aftermath. The US patent may have been GRANTED in 1949, but when was it APPLIED for in the US, and more importantly, when was it applied for in Canada?

In what manner was the Canadian Boxer Primer different from then-current Remington “noncorrosive” or Winchester “Staynless” Primers? was it the Anvil design, or the Composition of the compound, or a combination of these? For a Patent to be granted, the “Invention” has to introduce a “Significant Improvement” in the “Art”…

Doc AV

George, very interesting information, thanks for sharing. It seems that there is a typo in the journal article because that patent was applied on September 3, 1937, and granted on January 30, 1940. The Canadian patent was applied on September 4, 1936, and granted on January 4, 1938. Regards, Fede.

Are the primers being discussed the ones which resemble the early United States Cartridge Co. Farrington and Boxer type; that is, two open mouth cups, the smaller of which is pressed open-end-first into the mouth of the larger one? Jack

I believe this is the patent GWB is referring to…The “first” one, in Canada…


DocAV - No comment.
Fede - Thank you for getting the dates correct for me. I also got Richardson’s first name wrong, it was Creighton, not Charles.
Jack - Yes.
30army - Thanks for posting the patent illustration for me!